Friday, 12 June 2015

Hassle Free Moving

Human beings are creatures of habit, and thus don’t like it when their surrounding has to change. But change is necessary for growth, and one of the biggest changes you can experience in life is moving to a new location. Moving can be daunting, but when adequately planned for, can be performed devoid of hassle and challenges.

Depending on your stage in life (starting college or established in a career/family life), you may have grown attached to items that require to be dealt with before moving. Consider giving them to charity, family, friends, or selling them on eBay (if they are worth something). When moving to a new location, traveling light is necessary.

Keeping things organized as you approach the big day is encouraged. As you contemplate what to keep and what to give away, have packing boxes handy to separate items. Writing down a list of the necessary things to carry along helps keep your efforts focused and results-oriented. You can feel like it’s a daunting task, but having such a list will be of benefit when you arrive at your destination and have the advantage of knowing what items to add. 

In the days before you hit the road (or skies), engage the help of family and friends in packing. You will feel less pressure when you have people helping, plus it prepares them psychologically to the fact that you are relocating to a new place. 

Ian Renner Connecticut moved to Hollywood in his early twenties to pursue his dream of working in the film and television industry. Making the move was daunting, but an organized approach helped make the process easy and fast.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ian Renner Connecticut - Achieve your dreams

Everyone desires to live the life of their dreams. Whether it’s finding career success or growing as a person, you most likely have that vision of a desired state. But you also know that to achieve that desired state, you have to set smaller goals that lead up to the main dish. Thus, as you work on these smaller goals, you build up to the bigger dream.

The starting point to achieving any dream starts with the desire to really accomplish it. Napoleon Hill, author of the book Think and Grow Rich, writes that “weak desires bring results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.” The first step to achieving your dream is to have the desire to see it happen.
Simply possessing the desire to make things happen on its own will not take your far. You have to visualize yourself accomplishing the goal and come up with an action plan to follow. When you alter your attitude and visualize success, you are in better shape to get to work. Identifying the activities that need to be performed in order for the dream to materialize is important and allows you to focus your energy on the right tasks.

Lastly, keeping track of your progress is essential towards achieving a goal. Regardless of the method you choose to keep progress (hand written list, day planner, accountability partner), it helps to assess how far along you are in accomplishing your goals and where you require to make adjustments.

Ian Rnner Connecticuet is a successful set designer from Connecticut with many years of experience in the film and television industry.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ian Renner from Connecticut - Staying Committed

Lack of motivation is probably the most common cause of waning commitment. Connecticut native, Ian Renner says that what distinguishes your commitment is your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the project gets done. 

The first step is always admitting your downfalls. You must be able to admit that you have a commitment issue at present so that you can go about finding different ways to get them taken care of. 

Set goals and work at the. When you have things to look forward to on the horizon, it becomes a lot easier to carry out your daily activities and increase productivity.

 Make your commitment public and keep in touch with your accountability partner on a regular basis. When we try to keep ourselves accountable, it’s safe to say that about 70% of the time we fail.
Take breaks from your work. When you are exhausted, you experience burn out and lose your sense of commitment. Take breaks to clear your head and keep your spirit strong. 

Congratulate yourself! When you meet your goals treat them as a milestone and celebrate. When you feel good and happy about your accomplishments you are more likely to stay committed and do your best to make the present project exceptional. 

Ian Renner Connecticut has seen some of the best and most talented artists fail because they were not committed to getting the job done. He shares that in the world of set design in Hollywood, it is not just the most talented artists that survive, but the ambitious and committed as well.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ian Renner from Connecticut - On Consistency

Producing consistent, top quality work is essential for building your credibility as an artist. If you can do this as well as finish the work in a timely manner then even better. Ian Renner Connecticut, is of this mind set and says that this is the professional side of artistry that very few people talk about.

Consistency is important for making progress in your profession and for your growth as an artist. Without it you may not regress but you most certainly will not advance. Here are some reasons why you should strive for consistency:

You can measure your progress

When you have been doing something for a while, if you are keeping track of what is being done then you are able to see where you came from to where you are now. When you are consistent in your actions you are able to see the improvement in yourself.

Builds Reputation 

As mentioned previously, first paragraph, first sentence; your reputation as a trustworthy, loyal and good person will preceded you. Growth of your craft also requires a track record of success, employers will have something to look at when considering you for a job.

Creates accountability

Someone is able to follow your progress with you and keep you on track to reach your goals. Where meetings and deadlines occur this becomes crucial.

Your message is maintained

People know what you are about and pay more attention to what you say.
Strive for consistency, your art and your pocket will thank you for it!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Eating Properly

Ian Renner of Connecticut has competed in several lifting competitions, both local and foreign. In order to maintain such a rigorous and demanding schedule, Ian says that a thorough understanding of nutrition and diet is essential to success. A firm believer in the natural, Ian does not use many of the popular scientifically formulated protein powders, bars, shakes, and other nutritional short cuts. Ian says the best way to pack on healthy weight, and to maintain high levels of energy is to do it the way nature intended. Ian says that performance aids such as creatine and other enhancers are simply short cuts for weight lifters, short cuts that only provide temporary gains. Ian says that in order for you to maintain the muscle mass and energy output for long periods of time, you simply must practice good eating and exercise habits.

Ian Renner of Connecticut is a lover of nature, and as one, he trusts in nature to provide everything he needs for a healthy diet. That is why Ian makes it a point to steer away from genetically modified or steroid assisted foods. Ian also says it is vital to stay away from prepackaged foods that are loaded down with preservatives and other unhealthy chemicals meant to make the food pleasing to the eye. Ian instead opts for free range, farm raised chicken or beef, and says that organic food is always the most nourishing. Ian's high demand diet needs plenty of protein, that is why he also consumes massive amount of soy, yogurt, cheeses, and milks. Ian says it is just as important to find organic dairy products as it is for meats. Ian says by following the simple guideline of, “If I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't eat it.” that you will be well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.